Music, Dance and Drama (M.D.D)


⦁ Music, Dance and Drama wield an amazing power beginning of time. It is not giving way but the act is going bigger and better as generations pass.
⦁ The childhood of children are being stolen from them. They are spending less time playing physically, mixing with different generations, creating imaginary games. You can remember those funny acts you put up as a child. The joy it brings and the friends you made.

⦁ Many children are becoming socially isolated because adults are not allowing them to be children. They are losing the ability to emphasize, to communicate and to read emotional language. Though music and dance and drama, we can help develop spatial awareness of children in the deprived areas, they become less clumsy and pay more attention to others sharing their space.


Dance with us, Sing with us, Let’s do the act of change.
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