What is wholesome education to you? At Maven Heart,we believe that it is more than passing examinations, climbing the academic ladder and waiting to be employed- rather its about knowing yourself and understanding your capabilities.

Its about connecting with the right people to shape your course. And its about finding the right environment that will develop your capabilities to the fullest. When we find our true self/potentials and surround ourselves with the right resources to nourish it,we will be walking the path to self reliance and freedom.

With our Mavepreneur project we provide young people with the right information and opportunities to discover themselves.We also coach and mentor the rising generation to take responsibility for themselves in order to develop the mindset of creativity and self reliance.

Join our Mavepreneur coaches to awaken the spirit of Entrepreneurship among young Africans at the grass root level.



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True Education teaches young people to make a life first and then make a students in the developing world, need most, are not academic attains, as such, but rather life skills which will boost their confidence, lay the foundation for personal fulfillment and as a result, faster prosperity and well being for everyone.


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