About Us

About Us

About Us

In 2013, Cornelius had some hearty discussion with his wife(Emerald) about the rate of poverty in the country and how ones talents are lost because no one cares. These discussions led to the establishment of Our Nation Marshal,which had it focus on providing skill acquisition projects for children with the aim of equipping them with life skills in order to prepare them for future self reliance.

Emerald and Cornelius sought every available means to bring this needed change in their little way, knowing that “the reason for poverty is having nothing to offer or when there are many supplies for what you are offering”. After Emerald passed beyond the grave on the 23rd of march 2015, the dream for Our Nation Marshal was almost lost, until it was re-awaken by another hearty discussion by Cornelius with Raphael Okyere in Ghana and Patrick from Germany. This is where the ONM dream was reborn as Maven Heart.These young men started the journey to break the ancient cycle of poverty through real Education and awaking the entrepreneurial spirit. Helping people to help themselves, through the act of coaching and mentoring young Africans to learn “how to catch their Fishes not to be fed with Fishes”. They believe that what mavericks (as we prefer to call our students) in the developing world need most are not academic attains as such, but rather life skills which will boost their confidence, lay the foundation for personal fulfillment and as a result, foster prosperity and well being for everyone. Recognized and approved by the Registrar General Department and Department of Social Welfare in Ghana,as a non profit,non governmental organization.

What Do We Do?

We assist overwhelmed and concerned young adults who want to make a difference discover life-changing opportunity to reach out to humanity in different part of the world while having fun.

How Do We Do That?

Do you know how concerned young adult are searching for opportunity to make a difference in the world? What we do is provide them with a well structured program that focus on service to humanity so that they can Learn, Serve and make a difference in the world and the same time have fun.

Are you M.A.D?

I’m M.AD

Go M.A.D with Maven Heart

Our concept of mad is not insanity but making a difference, for the inquisitive minds like ours. You think you are reading this to learn about us. You will find out that you are already one of us. “Let us share hope for a brighter future, faith in God and in fellowman, and love that sees beyond cultural and ideological differences” – Patrick Kearon

Maven Heart's Purpose

The purpose and goal of Maven Heart is to create leaders for change through serving one another. We know that lending a helping hand and serving others draws us together and builds unity. The world needs leaders who will spare head the course of change and there are many youths who are willing to fill that need. We aim at creating opportunities for youths to get motivated and inspired through service to humanity in places where brothers and sisters are less privilege. Alongside, have fun in a very safe atmosphere and exploring different beautiful parts of the world, visiting sites and appreciating nature. Our soul dedication is to create a community of youths who are engaged in global and interpersonal growth. We are targeted at developing and nurturing a long lasting desire for Change makers and alumni to engage in humanitarian service that edifies both the giver and the receiver.   “People with Passion can change the world” “ Live for yourself and you will die. Live for others and you will live again”



The mission of Maven Heart for the rising Teens Youth generation is to provide opportunities of teens to help themselves reach their fullest potentials through coaching and mentoring.









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